Senior management team

GSI has begun to assemble a robust team with extensive industry, business management, R&D and finance backgrounds. Our team has a track record of success, growth and innovation.


Larry vance Chairman & CEO

Mr. Vance is the founder and CEO of Earth Search Sciences, the lead investor in GSI. He has over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas business and has been involved with exploring oil shale technology since the 1980's. Mr. Vance has also worked in management role for 3M Companies, IBM and Computer Usage Corporation. His extraordinary vision, knowledge and expertise will be invaluable to commercializing GSI's in-situ technology.


Christopher Meyerhoff General Manager

Mr. Meyerhoff has over 25 years management experience in providing services to the oil & gas industry (most recently as CFO of PFC Energy, a global oil & gas consultancy and analytics firm). Previously Chris was the financial manager for Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (a leading industry publication) and as an oil analyst at PFC providing short-term market forecasts and analysis. Chris also has a background in international economics and finance serving as a Research Economist in the U.S. Senate (Joint Economic Committee), and as an Economist for Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates where he contributed to economic forecasts on the Middle East-North Africa region and econometric modeling. Chris holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Georgetown University and received his M.B.A (Finance) from the George Washington University.


Michael Lockhart Technical program manager

Mr. Lockhart is developing and implementing the comprehensive technology strategy for GSI. Mr. Lockhart has developed more than 30 patentable technologies and various technology fields and has extensive experience running R&D project for General Dynamics and several government agencies. Michael has 30 years of experience as a senior analyst and research scientist in environmental engineering, synthetic organic and analytical chemistry fields, and applied optical physics. Mr. Lockhart holds a Master’s degrees in Organic and Nuclear Analytical Chemistry from the University of Virginia.


Charles Bridge, JR. Chief financial officer

Mr. Bridge brings a wealth of experience connecting investors with viable corporate partners, raising capital for corporate entities and managing financial and corporate accounting, SEC and NASD reporting, human resources and corporate risk matters. Prior to joining GSI, MR. Bridge served as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer with Brooke Private Equity Advisors in Boston where he helped grow the firm to $800 million in assets under management. Mr. Bridge holds an MBA from Northeastern University and a BS from the University of Maine.